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Bringing Imagination to Reality


"Jack is a highly talented landscaper. His design ideas were outstanding. He was great at listening to what we wanted to do with the backyard space and our budget. Jack was flexible as we made some suggestions and changes to the design. We benchmarked Imagine against two other landscape companies and they were our choice based on price, design and working relationship. I would highly recommend Jack and Imagine for any size project."

-Tony Barra


"We were extremely happy with the quality, efficiency and professionalism that Jack and his crew delivered! I am so happy with our backyard project, beyond our expectations. Looking forward to see what else Imagine can do to spruce up our landscape and front yard. Jack will help you Imagine the perfect picture."

-Ellen Chavez


"Jack did an awesome job...from the initial design work to the planting!! Having the ability to "see" the end product through visual design software was key to the buying decision. It allowed us to partner on design modifications and agree on changes before the work began. Once the work began, Jack's team was in and out in 2-days. His customer service both before and after the project have been great."

-Janie Bokshaw

"Imagine and her crew provided me with very complex, high end quality work on my backyard pool, decks, patios, retaining walls etc etc. Anything I or the owner Jack could imagine, his crew built it the right way. It was a pleasure working with jack, add ons and changes is what made the end product so spectactular.. Jack is a man of his word and gets the job done. very happy overall, also they cleaned and swept then blew the dirt and dust away every single night. hard workers. Our project lasted 28 days and would have taken any other contractors i bid through 2 months minimum. quality was exceptional."

-Dr. Fredrick Harb

"Jack has a keen eye for landscape design. What started out as a repair on our project, turned into a redesign masterpeice. He leans toward a simple elegance, adding beauty, and class to our yard. Jack has the natural abilty with vision, does a great job selecting materials, and his team works hard, are respectful and keep the work area clean."

-Dr. Ron Mead

"I had great pleasure to work with Jack Kelly the CEO of Imagine Landscapes Company for our landscaping project. Jack is a great professional with an outstanding work ethic. He is a great leader and creative designer. Jack has extensive knowledge and experience in landscaping. His designs are amazing and beautiful for our front yard. The supplied trees and bushes are at mature size with high quality. Most importantly, Jack takes care of customers very well. He listened to our needs and was very easy to work with. He worked diligently, followed through as promised. His company employees were also very easy to work with and paid careful attention to everything they did for our landscaping. Our neighbors praised Imagine’s work: “Beautiful”. We were lucky to work with Jack and Jack's team to get our landscaping done very well. We feel that Imagine is a reliable company to do an outstanding job! Highly recommended!"

-Dr. Ivin Katty

"Jack and his crews at Imagine Landscapes are fantastic. We could not be happier with both projects they did. We started with the back yard last year and did the front this year. Jack will not disappoint. You will LOVE anything he designs. Very professional and extremely talented."

-Nicole Bennett


"Being a business owner I have worked with many contractors and sub contractors over the years and I can say that Jack at Imagine Landscapes is as good as it gets. His work is top notch, he does what he says he will do and in the time frame that he promises. Which is rare these days. We actually had a issue with a stone on our fire pit cracking and I mentioned it to Jack and his guys were there the next morning replacing the stone. I rarely find myself recommending someone as I feel it is a reflection on me if things don't go well but Imagine is one of a few exceptions."

-Ken Smith